Terrible Judgment

The Lord has sent the most terrible judgment on America that has ever been. It is a horrible plague that slaughters many each day. Its guise is so sweet, its sting is so painful. Considered a divine right by many, and yet others are not so sure. It has been associated with freedom, and yet offers anything but freedom. There are none so vile as those entranced by it, and yet who can mess with it unharmed? Its consequences are much worse than even the Iraq war, and yet the Iraq war will help defeat it. Its consequences are much worse than the collapsing housing market, and yet this too will help defeat it. Its consequences are even worse than the goal of discovering life on other planets attempting to discredit the word of God, and yet this too will, to some extent at least, have its part in defeating it.

Some have considered communism the vilest evil in the world, and though the church goes underground, yet it survives communism, but this has done a more grievous work because it works just as easily from inside the church as outside it. Others have considered popery the vilest evil in the world, and yet this villain slays even more than popery. It slays and slays and slays the souls of men with no remorse, and even causes the people to beg for more.

In some cases, it mistakenly causes people to think they are children of God because they have it, in other cases it causes children of God to stumble because they don?t have it. Such a grievous evil is this that comes in the name of blessing, and yet causes so many to refuse or deny the Saviour either in word or deed. It chases newborns, and the mature alike, never giving a moments rest, always looking for an advantage.

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It has been referred to by Wilberforce as the one thing that ?most hardens the heart towards God?. I think you are with me now and know what it is, but for clarity sake, I will give you its name?prosperity. Keep on your guard for it, lest it slay you too.

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