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Hebrews 9:27 is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment

Eternity, Eternity, where will we spend eternity? That is the great question mankind is faced with. We have all been given one lifetime to decide where we will spend eternity. Some lifetimes are longer and some are shorter, yet the great question remains: Where will we spend eternity? The answer to this question is to be the utmost of man's concern while yet on earth, unfortunately too many people put off thinking about it as though it will go away if ignored. It will not go away!

The Bible teaches that there are only two places for eternity, heaven or hell. The Bible also teaches how and why one goes to heaven, and how and why one goes to hell. Simply put, to answer the question: Where will we spend eternity? We only need to see what the Bible says. Knowing that, some very godly men have written some frightful sermons on the topic to help bring the matter more in the open, some of which have been included here. After all is said and done though, please settle this matter for yourself with absolute certainty-

Where will you spend eternity?

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