My Most Unusual Witnessing Experience

A couple years ago, while at work I felt a large pain in the appendix area. I left it for a couple hours but it was pretty intense. After talking to a few guys they convinced me to go to the hospital and get it checked out.

After they let me in I was in the emergency ward where each bed is separated only by a curtain. The lady next to me was an elderly manic depressant who was threatening suicide, her cry for help seemed very intense.

They had taken my blood for testing, and hooked me up to an IV in preparation for appendix surgery. While sitting there, all I could hear was this lady who kept yelling that she wanted to kill herself and seemed to be begging for a reason not to.

That IV drip was set a little high so I had to get out of bed and wander to the washroom. No sense getting up twice I thought, so I brought a tract I had previously written and carry with me, which I wanted to give to her. On the way back her husband was there and she was screaming at him (poor guy- she wasn’t nice at all). Her curtain was open so I leaned in and asked if she had heard about Christ. She looked almost confused for the moment, so I offered her the tract but she motioned for me to place it on her bed. She asked what it was, and I told her that it was a gospel tract, and also mentioned that she was in no condition to kill herself for things would get much worse after that. A few more words were exchanged, and then she started screaming for me to get lost, and asking for the nurses to come rescue her from me. I asked if she wanted me to take the tract back but she said NO, so I quietly got into my bed which was just on the other side of the curtain from her, as she proceeded to release the hounds of hell. The lady on the other side of her (who happened to be in for an appendix as well) chimed in and screamed if she could get off her bed she would come give me a good kick. The two of them went on for a while.

The emergency ward being in a total uproar, one of the kinder nurses there thought it would be a good idea to move me further from her. I was moved as far as possible, but it only made her louder until the Psych-nurse finally arrived. The Psych-nurse spent some time talking to the lady and managed to settle her down by telling her I would never again be allowed to proselytize there. After her conversation was over, her and another nurse both came into my area, the Psych-nurse asked me if the tract was mine, when I told her it was she then read me the riot act about preaching the gospel in the hospital. In the meantime, the other nurse started unhooking my IV, and when I asked why, she said my blood test came back negative and that my appendix was fine.

As I was leaving I could hear the lady who wanted to kick me, start whimpering at how much pain she was in and how she hated surgery and anesthetics. It certainly seemed as though her pain level was being elevated substantially. I wanted to go back but thought I had already worn out my welcome. So I went home thinking what a way the Lord invented to try to get the gospel to one lady!

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