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The Invisible Church

Hebrews 12:23 To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven...

This site exists for the "Invisible Church", the church of the firstborn, the saved of all generations-the Bride of Christ. Though extremely rare in these last days, there is a possibility that some of you may still have a sound visible church to commune with, for which you should be truly grateful; others of you may have been forced out, or simply have come out from the visible church; while there may be others of you that still meet with an apostate visible church, spiritually yearning and yet wondering, "Where do I go? What should I do?" I pray this site will offer assistance of some kind for current and future members of the "Invisible Church" of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The term "Invisible Church" has been around for a long time, its members are the Bride of Christ wherever they may be, and whenever they may have been. This is contrasted with the visible church which basically is comprised of all those who have made a profession of some kind, and are visibly associated with a church. The two groups are different, and by referring to the "Invisible Church" it emphasizes the single common bond through faith, to the person of the Lord Jesus Christ by His atoning work on the cross, as the determining factor for membership. The world can't see us meet together, they can't see common ordinances used, they can't even know for sure who we are, and yet we exist.

When Christ came the first time the visible Jewish church was in total apostasy, even crucifying the Lord of Glory; when Christ returns the second time the visible Gentile church will be in a similar condition; with all indications pointing to that time being very near. There may be some of Christ's Bride still amongst the various visible churches and denominations, but there will not be many of His Bride in any particular church or denomination. With the apostasy nearly complete amongst the visible church, my hope is to help prepare you to stand alone, firmly grounded in Christ; a full member of the "Invisible Church". May the Lord make this site a blessing to you.

A good place to start is with this article by J.C. Ryle entitled The True Church.

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